The Prometheus Academy - 2017-2018 Late Monthly Tuition and Fee Payments

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Display the PayPal visual instructions in another window?


Pay Late Monthly Tuition and Fee Payments (See key Dates)

  1.  Click the Buy Now button below the Late Monthly Tuition / Fees area.
  2.  Type your student's tuition in the Price Per Item area below the Purchase Details
  3.  Click the Continue button above the Cancel link.
  4.  Log in to your PayPal Account with your Email and PayPal password.
     Click the Don't have a PayPal account? link and use a credit card.
Late Monthly Tuition / Fees


  1.  Click the Review and Continue button (credit cards).
  2.  On the Review Your Information page, check to see that all information is correct.
  3.  [Optional] Click Add link to say which camps you are completing payment to The Prometheus Academy.
  4.  [Optional] Click the down arrow under the question I would pay with PayPal for other expenses?.
  5.  Click the Pay Now button when ready.
  6.  View the Thanks for your Order page with your receipt number.
  7.  [Optional] Click the Print Receipt link for a paper copy.  Close the receipt window.
  8.  Click the Return to The Prometheus Academy, LLC link.


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