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“Wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work, excellent teaching, and commitment to providing quality lab experiences for Maddie and her classmates.  I have never taken a chemistry class ever and my husband struggled mightily through his in high school.  Maddie has been looking forward to chemistry for years, and while she still struggles some with the math and concepts, your class is providing her with a successful experience.”  Katie G.


“Both of my sons took two classes this year at Prometheus and loved it!  Because of distance (we live in North McKinney), we were not sure we could make this work, but it worked (thanks to carpooling) and they loved it.  The IPC and Creative Writing classes are outstanding—far superior to anything we had done at home or online. THANK YOU, Prometheus!”  Lisa F.


“The Prometheus Academy has proven to be an invaluable resource for science classes.  My son is learning real life lab skills and experiencing hands-on science in a way that is difficult (and sometimes messy!) to replicate in the home.  He is working collaboratively with a small group of peers, using real lab equipment, and receiving instruction from a highly qualified and caring science teacher.  Meanwhile, I am free to concentrate on teaching the subjects I'm more comfortable with.  I like that about Prometheus; we have the ability to pick and choose in which subjects to enroll.  The school is a very casual, flexible environment.  It would be a great classroom experience for any homeschooler.”
“On a side note, my son had a fantastic time attending two of Ms. Hillís summer camps last year.  We hope there are more camps in 2012!”  Kate R.


“We love Prometheus Academy!  My boys are polar opposites on just about everything, so finding classes and summer camps that appeal to both of them is usually impossible. Prometheus is one of those rare places where they can both enjoy learning.  One of my favorite moments is when I asked them if they wanted to do the Organic Chemistry summer camp (2011) and they both eagerly said yes!”  Andrea H.


“We are so pleased with our daughters progress, because of the quality of the educational help that they are receiving from The Prometheus Academy.  Their confidence and attitude have improved, it is a very fun atmosphere there.  We as a family can not praise and thank the staff enough for their outstanding performance.  We would recommend to all our friends and other people who want a bright future for their kids to join The Prometheus Academy.”  Kamel H.


“Knowing that my two teens are able to benefit from outstanding science instruction, from a well-qualified instructor, in a fully-equipped science classroom makes our homeschooling journey so much easier.  I cannot imagine homeschooling without The Prometheus Academy.  It is a tremendous relief to know that one of our major, core subjects is well-covered—in the perfect environment, with a small teacher-student ratio and an instructor who knows what our students need to master, to succeed in their academic pursuits.  This is our third year taking science at The Prometheus Academy…”  Briana E.


“Martha Bowers is an excellent Latin teacher and has the skills to deliver a very difficult subject in an engaging and interesting manner.  Our son, John Peter, looks forward to his Latin class since she makes the material both exciting and relevant to the student.  Besides her academic skills, Martha is very personable as well.  She has always been available to answer any questions in a timely manner.  We highly recommend Martha Bowers as a Latin teacher to any family wishing to give the gift of Latin to their children.”  Brent and Jackie Y.


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